Nets could be fading fast after another loss

Nets-3-16-300.jpgThe Nets’ four-game West trip ended rather anticlimactically, except for Sean Williams’ being arrested.
After losing at the buzzer Sunday night to the Clippers, the Nets had little left for Denver and you wonder how much they have left in this season.
Without Devin Harris, the Nets hardly put up a fight against a team they beat by 44 points last month. You knew the Denver Nuggets would want revenge and the Nets let them have it. They just handed it to them, and were annihilated 121-96 to end the trip in predictable fashion.
The Nets came home 0-4 when they easily could have gone 2-2 or 3-1. They led in the fourth quarter of the first three games and were in the game in the final minute of all three. This one wasn’t much of a game. The Nets played catch-up most of the night and then just laid down, giving up 72 second-half points and were just manhandled inside.
With 15 games to go, the Nets are 11 games under .500 for the first time. They’re all alone in 12th place when they could have been in eighth or at least tied for eighth if they finished some of the games on this trip.
Vince Carter was brilliant for the second straight game, following up his 41-point game against the Clippers with 32 last night. But he needed help. He missed Harris. All the guys in blue and in the suits on the visitor’s bench did.
But this isn’t about the loss of Harris. It’s about the loss of another game and how they lost it. It wasn’t as bad mentally or emotionally as the prior three against the Warriors, Blazers and Clippers. It was bad physically.
This was going to be a tough game to win without Harris, but the Nets made it easy for the Nuggets by showing no toughness inside, no fight on the boards.

“We just got dominated inside with our inability to hit bodies and get the ball,” coach Lawrence Frank said on the YES Network. “[We showed] such little resistance on the defensive boards.”

It was embarrassing how Denver dominated the boards, especially the offensive glass. Through three quarters, the Nuggets missed 46 shots, field goals and free throws combined, and they collected nearly half of those misses with 21 offensive rebounds ..
Overall, the Nets gave up 25 offensive rebounds, were minus-20 on the boards – minus-19 on the offensive end – and the points in the paint were a ridiculous 62-24. It came down to the same things we always talk about: urgency, effort, desire and for the most part the Nets showed none of that.
Maybe they still were feeling the effects of the Steve Novak buzzer-beater the night before. It’s very possible yet not acceptable. It’s about having a short memory and playing with a purpose and the purpose is to get in the playoffs.
The Nets now are just one-half game up on No. 13 Indiana and two games out of the playoffs. They better start winning games quickly, and perhaps without Harris for the time being. They’re now 1-6 without him.
Harris will have an MRI on his left shoulder today. The Nets can’t afford bad news, but it wouldn’t be surprising based on the events of the last week.
They lost three winnable games – two they should have won – lost their leading scorer and lone All-Star and had their suddenly contributing athletic second-year big man thrown in jail after a reported altercation in a Denver mall.
The Nets had a few chances to climb in the standings out West and did nothing but move down, suffering one awful defeat after another. The Nets talk about having a short memory. They have to have one now. Yet you have to wonder how much they have left.
Al Iannazzone covers the Nets for The Record (Bergen County, N.J.)



    Make no mistake about it this season is lost, its a real shame because this team looked brilliant at times and a shoe in for the playoffs but than stuff just happened and here we are.
    Than again a top 10 pick to an already excellent young core could be fantastic.


    I have to agree with Adam by saying I don’t think the Nets with their difficult schedule and Devin being out indefinitely can get into the playoffs this year. In fact, I’m already thinking about what we can do to become good again starting this offseason.

    David Lee of the NY Knicks will be a restricted free agent after this year. The Nets should break the bank to acquire him as he is a unique player that is hard to find or do a sign and trade with the Knicks in the offseason offering Vince Carter, Keyon Dooling, and Josh Boone for Lee, Chris Duhon, and Quentin Richardson though I prefer to just outbid the Knicks for him instead to keep our three players. Lee is one of a handful of guys that averages double digits in points and rebounds and is well worth max money in my opinion.

    In addition, if the LA Clippers could acquire Marcus Camby for practically nothing then we should try to do the same or trade Yi Jialian for Camby and a LOTTERY pick (#6 or below).
    I don’t think Yi will live up to anywhere near his expectations though there’s a small chance he could become the Chinese version of Dirk Nowitzki because he’s young. I’ll take that chance of that to get a player who can be dominent on any given night averaging a double- double plus over 2 blocks per game.

    Any feedback positive or negative in reference to these comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

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