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carter_250.jpgHOUSTON — Hey, everybody. Welcome to our pre-trade-deadline chat. Glad you could join me for this unique event.
It’s unique because this was an internal chat about the Feb. 19 trade deadline, questions I came up with and answered in the 5 a.m. ride to the airport today, the long security line in Newark and the long flight here . So let’s get started.
Hey, you do a great job. But what I don’t understand is why the Nets would consider trading Vince Carter?
– AI

YES Insider: Thanks, AI. The reason the Nets are considering it is because they have to. They have to listen and see what they can get for him, especially since he’s 32 and has been healthy all season. If they wait, and he has a bad year next year, his trade value goes down. So they have to listen and see if something makes sense.
What would it take for them to trade Carter?
– So tired.

YES Insider: Ideally, so tired, the Nets would make a Jason Kidd-like deal: get a good, young player that can be an All-Star, some young players, draft picks and salary-cap flexibility. But deals like that don’t always happen. They’re actually very tough to do.
I’ve been reading about some 4-for-1 deals with the Spurs and another one with the Mavericks for Josh Howard and Jerry Stackhouse. Could they happen?
– So hungry

YES Insider:
Look, So hungry, anything is possible, but neither of those is likely. With the first, the Nets would have to part with three players before they could do that deal. They’re either eating contracts or trading players for draft picks or doing both in order to get Roger Mason, George Hill, Bruce Bowen and Fabricio Oberto or Michael Finley – not easy and not smart. Maybe they include a third team. As for Howard for Carter, Keyon Dooling and Eduardo Najera, remember something: the Nets own the Mavericks’ No. 1 pick in 2010. They don’t help them and lessen the value of the pick.
Do you think Rod Thorn wants to trade Carter?
– Can’t wait for the deadline to be over

YES Insider: I don’t think he does, deadline watcher. Just like I didn’t think Thorn wanted to trade Kidd before he asked out and made the Nets miserable. But he has to listen. In the end, I think Thorn is a smart man who cares about his legacy. He was the guy who drafted Michael Jordan, made the Nets relevant and a power by trading for Kidd, Richard Jefferson, Carter and eventually moving Kidd for Devin Harris. Thorn isn’t going to want to make a trade that makes him look bad. Thorn survived the Kenyon Martin deal for three draft picks, made necessary by ownership, by turning those picks into Carter. If Thorn does something, it’s doubtful cap space will be the reason, again, unless it’s ownership’s edict. He’s not giving Carter away.
What will the fan reactioncbe if they move Carter?
– Should have stayed an accountant

YES Insider: The fans won’t be happy, accountant, especially if he’s moved for a young player or two and salary filler/expiring contracts. This team already flaunts their alleged move to Brooklyn every chance they get and have lost fans because of that. There will be no one left. If the Nets did something with Carter, that means they traded Kidd, Jefferson and Carter in the same year. The fans would go with them.
We keep talking about Carter. What about the other Nets? Who stays and who goes?
– Still tired

YES Insider: Other than Brook Lopez and Devin Harris, all the Nets are fair game, sleepy. They also would like to hang on to Yi Jianlian. But I think the Nets want to do something. It just comes to whether they can find a deal that makes sense. They don’t want any bad contracts in return, add any payroll or take back someone else’s problem.
Back to Carter, how do you think his teammates would react if he’s moved?
– Hungry no more

YES Insider: I don’t think they would be happy, full guy. He has meant so much to them from a leadership and belief standpoint. He has been the biggest pusher of the Nets quieting the critics and being a playoff team. They have followed him, and if he’s gone, it would send a bad message to the young guys as well as the veterans who believed and wanted to see some playoff shares.
Everyone talks about money in either 2009 but mostly 2010. The Nets may have money, but does it guarantee they get anyone?
– Anthony’s dad

YES Insider: Of course not, proud papa. There is a cautionary tale to be learned from the Bulls and pre-Joe Johnson Hawks that if you have all the money in the world and your team stinks, it doesn’t mean players will come there. The Nets have to show they have something first to intrigue people and they’re not as good without Carter as they are with him. There also are no guarantees that if the Nets have all the money in the world that they’ll be able to spend it.
Thanks. Let’s do this again sometime.
Al Iannazzone covers the Nets for The Record (Bergen County, N.J.).

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    GREAT blog.
    I love reading you.

    You give great insight and have a great imagination.

    -Loyal fan

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